Pogo players and EA Accounts

If you're one of our many Pogo players, you might have seen emails about changes to your EA Account. Don't worry, your EA Account has always been there with you.

When you created your Pogo account, EA also created an EA Account to use when you need support or want to connect with other EA titles. If you have ever come to this site for help, or played any other EA games online, then you already have an EA Account.
Your EA Account keeps you connected to EA, from playing games on Pogo, to finding new favorites in the Origin Store, to getting support on EA Help.

For Further Information, please Call -  844-237-9635 Pogo Technical Support.

I forgot my Club Pogo screen name or password

You can recover your screen name or password at www.pogogamesupport.com. Just follow these steps!

  • Go to www.pogogamesupport.com
  • Click the Sign In link at the top right-hand corner of the pogogamesupport.com home page
  • Click the Forgot password or Screen name link

Recover a password:

  • Enter your Pogo or Club Pogo screen name in the text field under the Forgot your Password? section
  • Click Submit
       For more support pogo toll free: - 844-237-9635

Java guide for Pogo game issues

Troubleshooting for Pogo games that are not loading or are producing errors related to Java.
Java is a programming language that we use to make certain Pogo games. Here is some information that should be helpful in troubleshooting and fixing issues that cause Pogo games not to load or produce Java-related errors.

Verify your Java version or install/update Java

You can always download Java at java.com. First, check to see if you have Java installed, and which version. This scan not only checks your Java version, but it helps you install the most recent version if you need it, and removes out-of-date versions.
If you have any questions or require further information, please contact the pogo technical support toll free now: 844-237-9635.

Flash guide for Pogo game issues

Troubleshooting for Pogo games not loading, crashing, or are giving errors related to Flash.
Flash is a programming language that we use to make certain Pogo games. This information should help you troubleshoot and fix issues that cause Pogo games not to load, to crash, or to produce Flash-related errors.

Verify your Flash version or install/update Flash

First, check to see if you have Flash installed, and which version. Just follow the steps to scan and if needed, to download Flash Player.
An alternative to this is follow our Flash installation and update documentation. This article will walk you through the same basic steps for Flash.
Some browsers automatically install and update Flash Player, so you may not need to do anything.
Don't hesitate to contact- 844-237-9635 me for any further information

Pogo Badge information

Learn all about Badges and Challenges from pogo.com. Find answers to your questions on EA Help and Answers HQ.
A Badge is a fun, collectable graphic award for Club Pogo members. You can earn Badges by completing game challenges. Badges appear in your profile and in your Badge Album collection. You can also choose a favorite Badge as the picture next to your name in chat.

Keep an eye out for special badges awarded on holidays or during special events! These badges are all free, but some are awarded directly and some need to be earned. Your Club Pogo member badge is a Special Edition badge that you get just for signing up for Club Pogo.

If you are not satisfied with the solution, you can call pogo support toll free- 844-237-9635.

Pogo Starter Challenges FAQ

Club Pogo Members can buy premium Challenges using Gems. They also have access to over 1,000 Challenges just for being Club Pogo members.
There are a lot of different ways to track your Challenge progress. It’s displayed on the game page before the game starts and on the end-game screen after each round of your game has finished.
You can also see progress displayed in the chat box during the game, or you can visit your Badge book at any time to see it there.
Just find a new Challenge and hit the “Activate” button … you will be given a choice to replace an active Challenge with the new one.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information toll free- 844-237-9635.


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